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Paris punk icon from the 80s...

At the end of the summer of 1980, Tristam, in collaboration with Waty and Cesar Maurel, founded the collective of painters Les Musulmans Fumants, very quickly joined by Francky Boy then Fabrice Langlade and Dominique Gangloff.

Until 1990, the group exhibited in France and Europe and collaborated with the most cutting-edge creators in all artistic fields (Mondino, Goude, Gaultier, Plassier, Futura Zooo, Mode Z, Africa Bambaata, etc...)

After a short musical interlude in 1988, Tristam took up the paint brushes again with ardor...

His works, recognizable at first glance, sensual, colorful, eye-catching and always ironic, often hide several levels of reading, be attentive!

Tristam's trademark is his insatiable curiosity. Eager for new experiences, the artist paints in the same way he lives every day: with passion, with passion and with rage.

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