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Mohamed Kahouadji

Mohamed Kahouadji is a painter and sculptor passionate about Japanese art and manga culture. He pays homage to Japanese history, merging eras and references in his works according to his imagination and visions. Combining ancestral techniques and icons of Asian Pop Culture. The artist tells us about a form of revenge of the East on the West, by reaffirming the know-how of Japanese artists, in particular the Shin-Hanga movement. Indeed, he revisits the art of prints, the representation of nature and its cults.
This exhibition presents us with a reinterpretation of the artist by the figures of Manga art, and sanctifies them by integrating them into utopian, poetic and grandiose natural landscapes. He then gives all the importance to nature and its beauty, which will become one of his central themes. Polymorphic clouds, vibrant skies and vast expanses of water justify its pigmented gradients softened by the sfumato technique.

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