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Born in Paris, K-LITYSTREET began as a muralist painter, then decided to devote himself to creation and develop his language with the world.
“As much as his career, his painting is atypical. Self-taught, his work is both naive and brutal; his world amuses, surprises, moves and questions. It is in line with the neo-expressionist movement resulting from the rejection of abstraction and minimal art that is too intellectual and elitist. It is the return to the figurative, to striking color as well as to the complete exploitation of the surface of the canvas and the paint.
Like a “pictorial storyteller”, he saturates images by adding words as if to tell stories. This superposition of colors is reminiscent of the work of Jean Michel Basquiat.
Nevertheless, K-LITYSTREET works like its predecessor for conscious letting go. But this visual inconsistency is, in the artist's work, a lure in the service of the power of evocation with the aim: TO EDUCATE.
Inspired by music, politics, media and meetings, K-LITYSTREET's work sparks debate and invites everyone to question themselves.
His works are driven by this desire to point out, with humor or dramaturgically, the deviances and perversities of human behavior as well as the excesses of consumer society. Far from decorative street art, the artist reappropriates public space to promote his reflections and questions about our environment and our society.
“I don’t intend to give people hope but to make them ask questions”
“This artist never ceases to amaze us because he has talent, ideas, a deep sense of staging and a fierce desire to find his way in contemporary art”; dixit André Gélis, founder of the regional contemporary art museum of Sérignan (34).

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