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Kumiko's drawings are in her image: voluptuous and careful. Educated in Japan, she has lived in Paris for 8 years now. Photographer and graphic designer, it is as a Yoginis that she presents herself in France. Ambassador of a yoga method called BORN TO YOG, she embodies the serenity of the Zen culture of her country. She develops her search for harmony in her daily yoga practice, in the quality of her postures which requires great mastery of balance and quite simply through her presence. Long hidden in his notebooks, his drawings have found a preponderant place in his integral aesthetic research since the confinement period. Drawing like meditating, and meditating while drawing, is the whole art of Kumiko Nakagawa’s creative expression. Meticulity and delicacy take place in his combinations of drawings on the body and nature in bloom. The human being, as an integral part of nature and its ecosystem, is obvious to Kumiko. His drawings and pastels adorn the new collaborations with the artist Aurèle LostDog in view of his participation in the back-to-school exhibition “Serendipity Mon Amour” (September 2022) coming to Galerie 18bis. For the collective exhibition “Summer art Therapy” (summer 2022) at Galerie 18bis, she is also presenting an exclusive work.

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