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Alexander Deanesi

Synchretist: One who seeks to reconcile, mix different religions or different philosophies.

Confirmed at the Fine Arts in Florence, Alexander Deanesi has been painting since the age of 6. Inspired by science, philosophy and art like the painters of the Renaissance, he presents his paintings and drawings and talks to us about his research on aesthetics and harmony.

Harmony is not absence, but balance of contrast.

Alex Deanesi creates works where the image and the icon are at the heart of a profound discussion on the symbol and the sign, as well as on the relationship with the problem of being and appearing, of seeing and believing , power and power.

Dream vision of reunification of religions, traditions, thoughts leading to universal peace. His paintings mix references and symbols with rare kindness, cheerfully mixing the secular and the religious, the East and the West, technology and men.

A beautiful object is one which, by virtue of its form, satisfies the senses, sight and hearing, among other things.

Culture has always been the link between beings and peoples. Thanks to beauty we have managed to cross the barriers of differences of languages, religions and countries to convert and above all as a link of sharing and happiness.

Beauty created by the hand of man is the act that comes closest to the Divine. (ref Michelangelo)

He grew up in Tuscany, a region where architectural and pictorial beauty trains young people in aesthetics.

His inspiration from the painters of the Italian Renaissance comes from his love for the canons of beauty of the ornaments and vestiges of his country.
Florence was his base until the early 90s. He spent his youth painting, a passion he has pursued since the age of 6. After several collaborations in fashion with designer Romano RIDOLFI, Alex DEANESI arrived in France in 1993, after experience as a portrait painter in the Leicester district of East London.

The Free Party world adopts him as a crazy artist, capable of painting the hangings for the most legendary parties (Mozinor, Spiral-Tribe, MasYMas...)


He paints in oil with a delicacy of form and abstraction of effects and symbols. His paintings a palette of classic graphic art and innovative spirit serving an incredible work of chromatic and formal composition, organic and imaginative freedom.

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