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Profession: Writer, screenwriter, director, visual artist and curator of exhibitions by British rock star Peter Doherty, Norman Reedus and Robert Farber.

Géraldine Beigbeder was born into a family of Béarn origin, founder of a
consortium of clinics. His father Gérald Beigbeder is half-American by his
mother, descendant of one of the presidents of the United States John Adams. Geraldine's mother
Beigbeder, Katarina Veljkovic is Serbian.
His brother Edouard Beigbeder is ambassador to Unicef. She is the first cousin of
Frédéric Beigbeder, also a writer and Charles Beigbeder, businessman and
politician, founder of the online brokerage company Selftrade, then of the
Poweo company.
Education and career
She spent her childhood in the privileged setting of Villa Navarre, the family home.
of his grandfather Charles Beigbeder. A man of letters, this one makes him discover the
literature. Jean Cocteau, the poet Jean-Paul Toulet, Colette the writer, the musician
Maurice Ravel, the philosopher Gabriel Marcel and many other intellectuals or artists are
relatives of his grandfather and passed or stayed in the house
At 13, a precocious student, she left her home in Villa Navarre and the Béarn region.
and comes to settle in Paris. After a Baccalaureate in classical literature, she completed a master's degree
in history in front of Jean Tulard at the Sorbonne Paris IV and obtained a very good mention
with congratulations from the jury for his thesis combining history and cinema and relating to Italy of
Risorgimento seen through two films Senso and the Cheetah by Visconti.
At the same time, she enrolled in the Florent course with her friend Edouard Baer and found herself
in Isabelle Nanty’s class. In order to pay for the lessons she will be a trainee then second
assistant director on numerous feature films such as those of
Fabien Onteniente, Luc Besson, Claude Lelouch and Jean Paul Lilienfeld.
She subsequently began a career as a screenwriter with Jean-Luc Azoulay and she wrote
numerous sitcoms for TF1, France 2 and M6. She will also work as
reader and script – doctor at Gaumont on first feature films with Sidonie
She directed with her companion the visual artist Alain Lame, a short film, entitled Une
family at a good price with the actor Philippe Nahon and a medium-length film Belgrade, a go-
She exhibited her first works, collages, at the Antoine Laurentin gallery in the
current of free expression which also brings together artists like Kriki and Francois
Round wood.
She met Victor Maymudes in Los Angeles, one of the creators of Woodstock, the road
manager of Bob Dylan and producer of music groups. She gets to know
actor-director and painter Dennis Hopper and actor John Voight and frequents
numerous personalities from the rock and roll and Underground artistic scene. She co –
writes a film script with Victor Maymudes about the wandering of two marginalized people
across the United States plagued by illicit substances.
In 2007 she published her first novel Sponsors with Editions Ramsay on the ex
post-communist Yugoslavia, the history of the Veljkovic house, the family home of
his mother born Veljkovic, descendant of Knez-prince Hajduk, the story also of a
shooting of an incredible film sponsored by mafiosi and a fan producer
by Hedy Lamarr. The novel which describes the situation in the countries of the former communist bloc will be
translated in Russia and Croatia. She also became an editor at Editions Ramsay.
In 2011 she published Dropped on the outskirts of the political zone and other small disorders
organic from Albin Michel editions. A funny and sharp criticism of society
image and politics as a society of spectacle. His novel which takes up the same
themes as those of Russell Brand is being translated in England.
In 2013 she met rock star Peter Doherty in London and became the curator of
his painting exhibitions in Europe and notably in Paris, Geneva and Barcelona. THE
openings are real happenings mixing paintings and group concerts of
Rock like the Spark in particular. She is the curator of the exhibition of works by
Peter Doherty at the Rimbaud Museum in 2018.
She created the artistic movement S.N.A.F.U (situation normal all fuck up) a current
artistic from free expression and with a rock tendency. She made the official announcement to the
RTS radio in Geneva on the show Entre nous be dit.
She is also the curator of American star and photographer Norman Reedus
known in the Walking Dead series as well as New York photographer Robert Farber
whose exhibitions she organizes.
In 2015, she exhibited her ARTEFACT PHONE SKETCHES drawings in Brussels and Paris. Then
she does ART BASEL MIAMI and the Select ARTFAIR in New YORK.
October 2016 his drawings are exhibited at the Yia fair in Paris and at the Galerie de la Clé

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