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Boris Pollet - French artist born in 1974.
Culture is about making connections, connecting/

Since the end of 2019, Boris Pollet lives and works mainly between Paris and Souvigny (03)
OVER TIME (incentive-path) -

<March 2022>

“Cinématon” n°2637, Silences and Roamings (Url)
Boris Pollet's "Cinématon" n°2637 directed by Gérard Courant on October 21, 2012 in Montreuil-sous-bois (France)(silent). Boris Pollet's portrait by Gérard Courant (2012 - silent).

Varied Non-exhaustive Events, Traces And Journeys:

- Hugo’s! 32’ – Interview. Return to a “Temporal Puddle”.
Film shown at the time of the carte blanche given to Matthias Pinero (url), young Argentinian filmmaker, at the Jeu de Paume in
October 2017 - Around the presentation of Hugo Santiago’s film “The Others”, from 1976. -

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